“My New Life” tells my story of a new start in life for me beginning soon after successfully recovering from schizophrenia, bicycling across Canada, and then continuing my mental health advocacy work in developing countries at www.MindAid.ca.

Tonight I attended a free online course with Brad Blazar on how to find high-net-worth people online. I am interested in this not for asking them for investment capital, like many would who take his courses, but to ask for donations to the Mind Aid nonprofits.

He recently put one of his lists of high-net-worth offices on sale for $250 down from about $1500. I didn’t have the money for that. I am excited about his course from tonight, though, as I think I’ve found a way to reach out to high-net-worth people, a certain group of them to be exact, from the course for free.

He says so many people want to start a project or business, and it’s not their fear of success that’s holding them back; it’s the lack of money. They have what it takes to succeed, but they don’t have the funds to start.

He says what you can do is reach out to broker/dealers for investment capital, and he teaches you how to do that. Even easier, though, is reaching out to RIAs, Registered Investment Advisory firms, the smaller ones, that is.

These are the low-hanging fruit you can start out with. As you make more of a name for yourself and build trust and connections, you can later reach out to the mid-size or larger RIAs.



Matthew Dickson

Advocate for people with mental illness in developing countries at www.MindAid.ca. Bicycled across Canada twice, books, nature, fitness, learning, dancing!