“My New Life” tells my story of a new start in life for me beginning soon after successfully recovering from schizophrenia, bicycling across Canada, and then continuing my mental health advocacy work in developing countries at www.MindAid.ca.

Yesterday I signed up for an upcoming online course by Brad Blazar. He says he can teach you how to be sought after instead of the one doing the seeking.

He generally teaches you how to approach high-net-worth individuals or groups and ask for investment capital/funds for your projects, whatever they may be.

When you approach them though, what do you say? How do you not sound desperate or needy? He says he can teach you how to be the magnet and not the metal.

I’ve heard about this phenomenon before, where you attract things instead of seeking them.

With my disease of schizophrenia, it was difficult for me to do this for my three decades of recovery. I felt like I was drowning in the ocean, trying to keep my head above water, desperately trying to save my life, shouting, “Somebody, please help me!” for those full three decades from severe to mild as I slowly, steadily got back my mental health over that time.

The topic of being desperate has gone through my head many times all these decades.

If you search online for the headline “desperately tries to save life”, hundreds of newspaper articles will pop up with that phrase in the headline. “Man desperately tries to save…



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